Chint Electric

Miniature Circuit Breakers- 0.5A to 125Amps
Moulded Case Circuit Breakers – 3 Pole & 4 Pole , Current Ratings upto 1250Amps
Air Circuit Breakers– Upto 6000 Amps
Power Contactors – 3 Poles & 4 Poles, 9Amps to 800 Amps
Overload Relays – Upto 800 Amps

Protection Relays
Plug in Relays, Pilot Devices, Counters, Drives, Soft Starters, Switch Disconnectors, Change Over Switches, Auto Transfer Switches.

Motor Protection Circuit Breakers
(CE, UL, TUV, CSA, KEMA, VDE, SAA, INTERTEK, CB,& Various Other Approvals

Dongya Electronics

DC Contactors – From 50 Amps to 2000 Amps
Plug in Relays, PCB Mounted Relays, Power Relays
Shunts : upto 2500 Amps

ETI Corporation

Fuses for Solar PV Protection & Wind power Application
Semi Conductor Protection Fuses : Ultra quick upto 1600 Amps.
Fuse Holders for all ranges of Fuses & Accessories


Lightning Protection Devices (Type I)
Switching Surge Protection Devices (Type II)
Surge & Lightning protection for Solar PV & Wind Power Application
RF Protector

Fulltech Electric Co., Taiwan

AC Axial Fans
AC External Rotor Fans
AC Centrifugal Fans
EC Fans
Duct Fans
Cross Flow Fans


POWDER CORES – Sendust cores(FeSiAl), high flux cores(FeSi), X-flux cores, block cores.
Applications – solar Inverters, UPS, EV OBC, charging piles, power storage, power supplies, traction, APF, etc.
We provide High frequency choke design services for Boost, PFC, Buck, Buck Boost circuits from 5Khz to 5MHz switching frequency.
CORES – Amorphous cores, Nanocrystaline core, ferrite core.